Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Soft Cookies

Okay, I admit I was on the hunt for these Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Soft Cookies. Why? Well … they’re new but also because I kept seeing the chocolate chip cookie brownies in the baking aisle and part of me wanted those until I checked out the nutrition label AND the back of the box to figure out how to make them. Talk about not worth it.  But these little cookies satisfied that craving and were well under the points plus values. Plus, I could have one and it would satisfy that want and sweet tooth … so I bought them.

I’m normally not a soft cookie fan. I tend to like harder cookies OR I like a cookie that’s right in between … crispy and crunchy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside.  These are undoubtedly a classic soft chocolate chip cookie BUT the brownie on the inside is a cooked brownie. It’s not a fudgy brownie; it’s a cooked cake like brownie.  The two together are none other than delicious.  They’re a decent size, not small (like the Reese Chewy Chips Ahoy), not large … medium sized in regards to packaged cookies. It tastes like what you would get if a brownie and a cookie married.

I had my brownie filled cookie and ate it too. Plus, for 80 calories and 2 points plus values, I felt it was justifiable and after eating it … it was worth it.  I admit, I did have 1 cookie in the afternoon and I had another cookie at night but I didn’t have anymore.  There are 15 cookies in a package – I offered cookies up to my mother, who had some and my boyfriend ate some during the day (and evidentially at night).  But when I woke up the next morning, the package was on top of the garbage and I know I didn’t eat them.

Have you tried any new cookies as of late?


  1. Your food relationship with your boyfriend sounds like me and my husband. I will get something super tasty but bad for you (or he will) and then I have a little bit and he takes care of the rest! It works out well because I am not tempted and he does manual labor all day so he just burns it up! It is pretty convenient. :)

    1. It really depends on the food and whether my boyfriend will eat it or not. Certain things he won't touch, but others he enjoys and he'll eat. The next day he said "I ate all the cookies ... sorry." I laughed and was like "I don't care." But it's a good food relationship because if either of us doesn't want it, we don't have it - we're not food pushers so that's helpful!