Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kellogg's Limited Edition Mini Wheats - Pumpkin Spice

With fall upon us it brings all things pumpkin. In true pumpkin lover fashion, this year I decided to pick up a box of the Kellogg's Limited Edition Mini Wheats - Pumpkin Spice. Admittedly, frosted mini wheats are not my favorite cereal but this pumpkin rendition isn't half bad.

Opening the box you're awarded with a classic pumpkin spice aroma. It's nothing artificial but a classic pumpkin spice (think of pumpkin spice seasoning in a jar). The cereal is your classic frosted shredded mini wheat, but instead of the frosting being the signature "vanilla" frosting it's a pumpkin spice-esque flavored frosting. Admittedly, it's not really strong ... to my taste buds, the shredded wheat flavor sort of overpowers the pumpkin flavor. But if you really pay attention, you can find the pumpkin spice flavor because it's undoubtedly there.

It's not a sweet pumpkin spice, it's not overly sugary, processed ... it's your classic pumpkin spice flavoring over a shredded wheat biscuit that provides a touch of sweetness. If you're one who likes overly sweet pumpkin flavored desserts - this probably wouldn't be your forte. But if you enjoy a pumpkin flavored dessert that's not overwhelming in sweetness or spice, this might be very well up your alley.

Personally, I prefer having these dry without any milk. I also prefer to eat these frosting side down so I can taste the pumpkin flavor immediately without searching for it through the clump of shredded wheat.

A serving, 25 biscuits (55g), is 190 calories or 5 points plus values.

Applebee's Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken

Going on another dinner date to Applebee's with my boyfriend, I opted to try the Applebee's Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken after my last encounter with their under 600 calorie menu left me in search of water and lots of it. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this meal.

The menus describes the dish as "Cedar grilled chicken garnished with Granny Smith apple relish. Topped with lemon olive oil vinaigrette over a blend of cranberries, rice, honey-glazed pecans & quinoa." When the dish was plated before me I thought it looked appetizing. Once I started to eat it, it really did pack a punch in the filling category.

There were no complaints, the chicken was grilled perfectly, the granny smith apple relish balanced the flavors giving a little crunch and tartness and the quinoa side dish was absolutely scrumptious (so much so that I want to make a variation at home). The quinoa had pecans and cranberries mixed into it, which was a nice twist to throw a twist in the quinoa texture. The vinaigrette tied everything together and was just a complete and balanced meal.

It wasn't overly salty, it wasn't overwhelming and I liked the fact that it was just a great little meal to have out without all the fuss about "what do I eat?" Now I know a dish I enjoy and will order whenever I venture back to Applebee's.

A meal is 570 calories or 15 points plus values.