Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Summer time ... summer fun ... campfires, bonfires and even firing up the grill. For some reason during the summer and fall months, S'mores are just something a lot of folks look forward to. It's got the crunch and it's got the sweetness - so it does the job and typically one is more than enough, at least for my taste buds.
We had a barbecue at my house this past weekend and my aunt brought over the ingredients to make s'mores. I didn't have any the day of, but the next day they sounded delicious. So I made a couple to share amongst family.
I took the easy woman's way out ... sticking a few marshmallows on a skewer stick and "roasting" them over an oven flame. Ideally I burn my marshmallows because I swear it tastes better that way because the inside gets all ooey gooey and the outside has a bit of a crunch.
The best part is a s'more is only 5 points plus - at least the way I make them:
1 graham cracker sheet
2 (standard size) roasted marshmallows
1/4 (3 squares) Hershey chocolate bar

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