Friday, July 25, 2014

Thomas' Limited Edition Apple Pie English Muffins

I admit ... I'm a sucker for Thomas' limited edition english muffins and bagels. So of course when I spotted the Thomas' Limited Edition Apple Pie English Muffins while at my grocery stores checkout I had to snag a package. That is ... after I gave the muffins a whiff through the plastic bag. Heaven!
There's something about Thomas' products that they smell absolutely delectable through the packaging. They smelled like fresh baked apple pie - there was the apple, slight cinnamon, sweet scent, and just homey. Nevermind the fact the shipment of english were fresh to the store, so they were nice and soft.
These are your typical fork split english which you can easily pull apart with your fingertips, or if you're fancy, you can slice them open with a knife. I didn't notice any "real apples" in the muffin just by looking at it ... but I did find that on an occasional bite there was a slight feel of apple against my teeth. After a trip through the toaster oven I decided to enjoy mine with a few sprays of spray butter (although I would recommend eating with cinnamon sugar butter, cinnamon cream cheese or even peanut butter). The english was good, soft and slightly chewy, it had a hint of apple in each bite but it wasn't overwhelming.  I'd say the flavor was a little muted, but it could definitely be enhanced depending on what is your topping of choice.
Each muffin is 160 calories or 4 points plus values.

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