Monday, July 14, 2014

Hubert's Lemonade - Diet Strawberry Lemonade

Summer time calls for lemonade, right? Typically I rely on Crystal Light for lemonade, but when I spotted this Hubert's Diet Strawberry Lemonade part of me caved and had to have it. Truthfully, I don't like to "waste" calories/points on beverages ... but I wanted to try this, so try I did.
Admittedly, I was kind of expecting a sour, tart, possibly repulsive lemonade ... but it was actually quite delicious. The strawberry was evident, the naturally tart lemonade was there and it had a nice smooth sweetness to it. It wasn't sickeningly sweet, but moderately. I turned the bottle around to check the ingredients and was surprised to see stevia leaf as one of the ingredients. Normally ... I do not like the flavor of stevia, but this was quite good. Good enough to drink the whole bottle and refreshing enough to enjoy it.
An 8 ounce serving (1/2 the container) is 10 calories or 1 points plus value OR 20 calories and 2 points plus values.

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