Monday, July 21, 2014

Town House Pretzel Thins - Parmesan Herb

A few months ago, Town House came out with a new snack cracker. A family member picked up a box and after raving about how good they were, I decided to give them a try myself. So, I picked up a box of the Town House Pretzel Thins in Parmesan Herb.
If you're a cracker/chip fan, then you will more than likely be a fan of these. The texture is unique ... they've got a pretzel vibe to them, where they're soft like a cracker, yet slightly firm like a chip/pretzel. The best way to describe it would be if a cracker and a pretzel had a baby. What I like the most is they're not salty or overly pretzel flavored like some of those half cracker, half pretzel crackers. These are mildly flavored with Parmesan herb but the crackers itself do the "talking." I can't express how much I truly enjoy these because they're so unique and tasty.
The only downside is that a serving is 6 crackers. You could double the serving to 12 crackers and feel as though you've had a suitable snack. I find I enjoy these the most on their own but they're also good with some cheese.
A serving, 6 crackers is 70 calories or 2 points plus values

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