Friday, July 11, 2014

Skinnytaste Roasted Strawberry Banana Bread

I'm a fan of Skinnytaste recipes, especially when I need something different which pushes me to eat outside the box (i.e. the same things different ways). I've seen the recipe for the Skinnytaste Roasted Strawberry Banana Bread time after time, but had yet to try it out.  That is, until it turned out that I had a few extra ripe bananas and some excess strawberries in the refrigerator that were in need of use.

Before trying this recipe, I would have never thought of roasting strawberries, but it's definitely a unique twist. It brought a whole new flavor and level of moistness to the banana bread that was truly unique. I love the classic banana bread (with walnuts) but I have to say ... this took the “cake”.  This is undoubtedly one of the best banana breads I have tried. As with classic deserts strawberries typically always compliment banana … so it’s no real wonder to me as to why this is a fabulous combination.

The bread itself was delicious. Moist, soft, a little chewy and was a perfect spin on a classic.  Out of the two banana breads I made (the classic with walnuts and this) the strawberry was gone within a day and a half and the classic lingered a little longer.

The greatest part is a serving (1/16th of the loaf) is only 88 calories and for those who follow Weight Watchers, a slice was only 2 points plus values.

If you’d like to give the bread a try, you can find the recipe on the skinnytaste website.

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