Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ole Extreme Wellness Spinach & Herb Tortilla Wraps

I’m a fan of the Ole Extreme Wellness High Fiber Tortilla Wraps … and I’ve been known to make special trips to certain grocery stores just to pick them up. So, on one of those special trips I noticed a package of  Ole Extreme Wellness Spinach & Herb Tortilla Wraps on the shelf near the traditional so I picked it up. After a once over of the nutrition facts I realized they’re the same as the original so I plopped them into my cart to give them a go.

Truthfully I find flavored tortillas aren’t overly flavorful to the fact you can taste what it’s made of. For instance tomato basil tortillas … I’ve noticed a slight flavor category, but nothing that is distinctively bold.  These are along the same lines … there’s a slight spinach and herb flavor but it’s not overwhelming and it’s very mild. I’ve been enjoying them with egg salad sandwiches or even deli meat roll ups. They’re not bad and are a nice twist from the same ole same ole.

Each wrap is 90 calories or 1 points plus value.

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