Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trader Joe's Organic Milk Chocolate Truffle

I've seen an array of new organic chocolate bars but the one thing that swayed me away from them was the fact most are dark chocolate and/or they have dark chocolate in them. I'm not a huge dark chocolate fan so I was hesitant to try. On one trip, I finally decided to give it a go, so I picked up a bar of the Trader Joe's Organic Milk Chocolate Truffle.
The description on the back of the wrapper reads: "this milk chocolate bar is made with special caramelized milk, resulting in an extra creamy smooth texture. Rich milk chocolate surrounds an intense, velvety smooth dark chocolate truffle center. A sumptuous bar with a classic taste."  I stand firm in my belief that Trader Joe's provides some of the best chocolate. I have to say, this chocolate bar doesn't sway me from that belief what-so-ever.
The milk chocolate is smooth and creamy, while does give off a buttery/caramelized flavor to it. The truffle is a smooth rich dark chocolate which gives the bar an added softness. I enjoyed this and would recommend allowing this to melt on your tongue rather than just chewing it. Allowing it to melt the flavor categories come to life more-so.
The bar is sweet and I found 3 squares to be more than enough, otherwise it can be a bit too rich on the taste buds. Even though the dark chocolate truffle helps cut back at the natural milk chocolate sweetness, this is one of those candy bars I'd recommend sharing with a friend or two. Whether that being to share the chocolate love ... or to avoid eating the whole thing on your own.

A serving, 5 squares, is 250 calories or 7 points plus values.

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