Friday, August 8, 2014

Thriving while on vacation

Months back I went on vacation with the mentality that I had to make the best of it and give it my all. I didn’t want to go into it saying it’s vacation … it’s an eat fest... it doesn’t matter. I wanted to be aware and I wanted to be in control. At the end of the day regardless of what I think, it matters because my decisions affect my livelihood and they affect my waistband. I was OK with the fact that perhaps I may gain a smidgen (merely due to eating out more than I do) or I could slam dunk it, enjoy myself and lose as a result.

It just so happened that we had rented a house while on vacation in Florida. This meant I could be at “home” with my meals. Not necessarily meaning I was bringing my kitchen with me but this meant that I could prepare some staples that I enjoyed as at least 1 to 2 meals a day. The only food items I packed with me and took along for the ride were some instant oatmeal, miniature pita pockets, a few snack bars and some smoothie mix.  I also packed a few measuring cups (1/4 cup & 1/3 cup), a measuring spoon (1 tbsp), and my food scale. I’ve brought these items along while I’ve gone away (plane rides away) and I’ve also done this when staying at a hotel for a few days.

My measuring utensils give me a sense of accuracy. I’ve followed Weight Watchers over 4-years and I can kind of eyeball a serving … and I do when I’m having dinner with family and friends. But if I’m going away for an extended period of time the dreaded ole portion distortion can bite me in the behind.

After landing, heading to the house, dropping off luggage and getting acquainted for a little bit … it was time to hit up the grocery store. Thankfully we landed earlier or we’d have had to wait until the next morning to go to the grocery store. I picked up staple groceries that I enjoy while at home: fresh fruit and veggies, deli meat, hamburger, fat free Pringles, condiments, Greek yogurt, veggie burgers, Jell-O, frozen fruit, water and Coke Zero. I purchased enough fresh food to have during the week to include in breakfast, lunch/dinner and at least toward a snack for a day.

I didn’t want to exclude myself from the festivities so I figured I’d eat out at least one meal a day … and one meal I typically did eat out. If my family that I went with decided to have fast food – like McDonald’s for dinner I’d pass and make myself a veggie burger because it wasn’t worth it to me (plus I can have McDonald’s any time I want…).  There were a number of restaurants I wasn’t familiar with … but if I wasn’t able to look up the menu online, I’d give the menu a once over at the restaurant and kindly ask the server for my food the way I wanted it (light/fat free dressings, no butter, etc.).

If you’re in a scenario where there isn’t a stove, microwave or refrigerator available you can always purchase fresh produce that will last sitting out on the counter. They’re a good grab and go. You can always eat a lighter breakfast – greek yogurt with fruit, or you can go out for breakfast and choose what’s “worth” it to you that you’d enjoy eating. You’re not going to be happy if you’re eating things you DON’T want to really eat. If you’re faced with eating every meal out … enjoy yourself, order what you’re comfortable having and what you would enjoy having. Don’t feel left out of the crowd and more importantly don’t exclude yourself from the crowd.

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