Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Filled with CaramelTrader Joe's Milk Chocolate Filled with Caramel

I'm a firm believe that Trader Joe's and Aldi sell the best chocolate around. It's also because of these two stores chocolate products that I'm now a self proclaimed chocolate snob. Why? Well, I'm starting to find regular name brand candy to not be so tasty any longer. I was in the mood for something sweet last time I was shopping so I picked up a Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Filled with Caramel bar because they're at the checkout and they're only 99 cents.

When I was a kid I loved caramel chocolates (more importantly, Cadbury's Caramello bars) ... so I had a strong inkling that I would enjoy this. Opening the bar up it's 6 little squares which all linked together as a bar. The chocolate "shell" is firm, yet soft and can crush in your fingertips if you're trying to break a piece off.  The chocolate itself is smooth, velvety, delicious milk chocolate while the caramel is soft, gooey, and sweet yet not overly. I don't find this to be so sweet that it leaves your taste buds overwhelmed ... it's milder in sweetness to satisfy but not sicken. It's perfect to share ... or if you're in a chocolate mood to enjoy on your own.

A bar is 220 calories or 6 points plus values.

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  1. yum, i will have to look for this chocolate next time i'm at TJs. i totally agree about TJs chocolate btw. so good and a fraction of the price of expensive chocolatiers.