Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dinner: Sloppy Joe-Tato

For weeks I have been saying I want sloppy joe for dinner and for weeks I didn't have it because dinners are usually one of those things I try to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Finally, after deciding I was going to have my sloppy joe I made it for dinner and it was delicious! I actually whipped this up with some 93% lean ground turkey, diced onion and bell pepper. I seasoned up my turkey with dry hamburger seasoning and when done, I went the easy way out and added some canned sloppy joe sauce.  I've made it homemade in the past and I've gone the canned way from time to time ... but I wanted fast and easy … and fast, easy AND delicious is what I got!

Instead of throwing it on your classic hamburger bun, I decided to have it one of my favorite ways ... over a baked potato!  It's what I call a Sloppy Joe-Tato.  It's such a filling and satisfying meal this way because you're getting a hearty side with the savory sloppy joe over it. Admittedly, I do enjoy this alongside a small garden salad because I like the balance.

I split my sloppy joe into 7 servings (which ended up being 5 points plus values), cut open a 5.5 oz potato and dinner was an easy, filling 8 points plus values.

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