Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lunch: Spaghetti Squash w/ Meatballs, Sauce and Garlic Bread

I was going to my boyfriend’s uncle’s house this weekend, with his mother and him to visit. I knew his mother was making homemade sauce and meatballs and since I didn’t want to tote along a measuring cup (because I visually can’t judge what a cup of pasta looks like), I decided to bring spaghetti squash to share with everyone.  I like bringing healthier alternatives to the table, regardless of where I am, and this was a perfect opportunity.

I had baked my spaghetti squash (seasoned with salt and pepper) the afternoon prior, shredded it and put it into the refrigerator.  I was quite pleased with how my spaghetti squash turned out because the last few I have made came out very wet. This one was perfect and reminiscent of al dente pasta.  The squash itself tastes like squash, but it does adapt to the flavors it’s paired with and due to it’s spaghetti like characteristics it makes for easy twirling on a fork.

At my boyfriends uncles we ended up having a late lunch. I had a helping of spaghetti squash, a ladle of homemade sauce and one meatball. I also had a small helping of garlic bread. It was a perfect meal – delicious, satisfying and I honestly didn’t miss the pasta.  And to think I was a little afraid of trying spaghetti squash with pasta sauce … now I’m a huge fan. So much of a fan I had spaghetti squash with pasta sauce for lunch the next day!

Do you like incorporating spaghetti squash into meals?


  1. YES. I love spaghetti squash...and here's the thing I just learned, you can cook it WHOLE in the oven. I hate cutting it open because its a pain to cut when its raw. But I threw it in the oven and roasted it whole (its done when it "gives" and it was easy to cut, easy to "shred", everything. THEN, I made a version of Skinny Taste's Cheesy Squash -- kind of like macaroni and cheese type dish. I usually see recipes as "idea planners" and not exact directions, so I usually tweek. I added Zatarains to make it a little spicier and I changed the cheese type since I like colby / jack better than mild cheddar. AND, I stir fried shrimp to put on top. IT WAS AWESOME. You need to head on over to Skinny Taste to see the recipe. :)

    1. Great idea! I actually have a big ole spaghetti squash on my counter I bought the other day and I need to roast up. I'm gonna have to give that cheesy recipe a try. I've checked out some of her recipes ... I'll just need to cut them down a lot since it'll really only be me eating it (my boyfriend won't touch it, he hates squash).