Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dilettante Bing Cherries in Premium Chocolate

I purchased a container of Dilettante Bing Cherries in Premium Chocolate from Trader Joe’s.  I purchased them initially not knowing how they were going to taste but I figured you can’t possibly go wrong with chocolate covered cherries.  I knew that I liked the Queen Anne’s Chocolate Covered Cherries so I figured these had to be “healthier” and undoubtedly yummier.

I have to say I was right.  These bing cherries are straight up delicious!  It’s a bing cherry (think the fresh cherries that are sold in the grocery store) that are dried a bit and then encased in chocolate with a coating on the outside so it doesn’t make your fingers chocolatey from the get-go.  Delicious!

I do want to point out I have spotted bagged versions of these cherries are Walmart.  I have purchased them but I find that the cherries sold within Trader Joe’s market are actually fresher in comparison.  The cherries (even though they are sold by the same company) are chewier from Walmart.  I just wanted to point that out incase anyone was interested in purchasing.

The greatest part is a serving size is 7 pieces and it will only cost you 5 points plus values!

Have you ever tried the Dilettante Bing Cherries?


  1. Thanks, I've been trying to find a picture that shows the middle of the cherry to determine if this was the kind with the goopy stuff inside. Glad it is not!

  2. These are awesome and I don't even like cherries. Unforturnately Trader Joes is no longer going to carry these anymore but apparently you can buy them directly from the company but at almost double the price. I had no idea Walmart carries them. Interesting that the center is not as chewy.