Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Ricotta Cake

I took my mother on a trip to Trader Joe’s so she could have a first hand experience at how amazing the store is (I think I’m creating a monster!).  She picked up a few things she wanted to try, while a few others that I have shared with her.  This particular cake is one of the things she wanted.  I know some of the cakes can be higher in points than I’d like, so I was skeptical … until I actually had a chance to look at the nutrition facts.

The cake is a smaller bundt style cake.  It’s a pound cake made with ricotta so it’s super moist.  The cake is flavored with orange (which is infused into the ricotta) and generously filled with cranberries.  There are cranberries on top of the cake as well as a sprinkling of chopped up walnuts.  Taste wise it’s absolutely delicious – moist orange ricotta cake (if you’ve ever had ricotta dessert you know the moistness I am talking about), chewy cranberries and crunchy walnuts. Only one word: delicious.  So delicious I’m considering experimenting in the kitchen to come up with my own version of this.

A serving size is 1/8th of the cake, which gives you a pretty decent size slice.  Points plus wise a serving is only 4 points plus values.  The cake is a little pricey - $6.99, but it’s well worth the price tag, the taste and the points associated with it.

What is your favorite dessert from Trader Joe’s?

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