Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trader Joe’s 99% Fat Free Bean & Rice Burritos

I picked up a pack of these 99% Fat Free Bean & Rice Burritos from Trader Joe’s and finally decided to take them out of the freezer to enjoy.  Burritos are a delicious treat for me, but typically the points plus values associated with them (particularly most of the frozen heat and eat kinds) are completely astronomical – at least too much for me to “splurge” on.

I love trying new foods and felt these particular bean and rice burritos were acceptable point wise to have as a meal, or if I was really hungry I could have both of them for dinner.  The burritos are made with organic rice and beans, if that’s an important fact for anyone.   They are a simple flour tortilla which is rolled together in a bean and rice mixture – I believe the beans are pink beans, some of which I assume are mushed up a little to give it a more “creamier” consistency.

The only downside is that the burritos are packaged into a single container and the directions state to poke holes in the plastic film and to heat both together.  I ate them on separate days, so the first burrito I wrapped up in a napkin and microwaved per the given time.  It came out alright, but the tortilla was a little chewier … you know that chewiness you get from putting tortillas in the microwave for too long?  The second burrito I heated up in the plastic wrap (with a long slit along the side where I removed the first burrito from) and I found that burrito cooked SO much better and tasted better than the first.

I found these to be tasty – not bad on their own, but I do feel eating them with a small salad and having some of your favorite salsa on the side for dipping makes them 10 times better.  The salsa brings a whole new flavor category to the burritos which is yummy.  On their own, the burritos taste like a bean and rice mixture – nothing spicy or even mild about it.

Each burrito is 6 points plus.  Well worth it, if you enjoy a burrito once in a while.

Have you tried the bean and rice burritos from Trader Joe’s?