Friday, May 17, 2013

Total NSV: Lose for Good

In 2010 I won my local Weight Watchers meetings Lose for Good challenge. It was a friendly competition to donate food for charity and to shed some pounds by incorporating activity into our lifestyles.  In the end, I won a t-shirt at the time.  Upon bringing it home realized it was a size Medium. Let me stress that, when I won this shirt a size medium was no where near my size - it was a distant hope.  I was still surfing the racks in the plus size section and trading clothes with family members.

I folded the t-shirt up and stuffed it in my drawer because I wasn’t going to throw it away.  I EARNED that shirt whether it fit me or not.

It's been tucked away for 2 years! I found it this morning while looking for something to wear in my drawer. I saw a nearly folded white shirt and thought "What is this?"  I pulled it out and saw it was my Weight Watchers shirt. For a moment, I put it back in the drawer.  Then I thought … for kicks let me put this on.

Guess what?


Thanks, Weight Watchers! This girl is happier than a cucumber and I am STILL losing!


  1. Awesome story! Keep up the good work. =)

  2. Woo Hoo!! Keep up the awesome work, Shannon. You have definitely earned that shirt. :)