Saturday, May 25, 2013

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

The last time I had DiGiorno pizza has been probably 3 years ago. Whys that?  Well, DiGiorno used to be my favorite frozen pizza and that’s because during the time in my life where I didn’t read nutritional information and I solely went on what I liked to eat.  Well, I liked DiGiorno pizza and I ate about ½ a pizza on my own.  Well, fast forward to joining Weight Watchers and I realized that a serving in a rising crust DiGiorno pizza is 1/8th of the pizza.  Around the time I calculated it out and it was 9 points per SLICE of pizza (1/8th).  Needless to say, I hadn’t purchased another DiGiorno for myself to eat in a VERY long time.

That is, until I saw the new Pizzeria! line launched to my local Target and I checked out the points plus values. 1/4th of a pizza was 9 points plus? Say what?!  I was running a ton of errands around the beginning of April and wasn’t going to be home for 3+ hours so I didn’t buy it.  So when I did want it (by mid-April) I was sending everyone on Pizzeria! hunting missions and all were coming up empty handed.

We found the DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza at Walmart and paid $3 for it after a coupon.  My boyfriend and I had it for dinner one night and I swear … this is THE best frozen pizza I have ever had!

I am a pizza officiando (I think I can accurately wear that hat – because I’ve eaten many pizzas in my hay day and even post-Weight Watchers start).  I order out pizza at least once a week, and if we don’t order it out, we’re either making our own or heating up a frozen pizza.  This takes the cake where frozen pizzas are concerned.  It’s got a moderately thick crust. The sauce is delicious. The vegetables are sautéed and just delicious – they’re not that plain jane throw frozen veggies on the frozen pizza and call it a supreme.  This is the bad mama jamma of frozen pizzas.  They’re so good we now have 2 more in the freezer for whenever a moment of pizza weakness arises.

1/4th = 9 points plus.  Totally worth it!

What is your favorite frozen pizza?


  1. My favorite frozen pizza is Palermo's ultra thin sausage pizza

    It's 9 points plus for 1/4 of a pizza!! It's a pretty good size pizza imo and it's worth it. I used to love DiGiorno as well but it's so point heavy that it wasn't worth it anymore for me at least.

    1. I LOVE Palermo's! It used to be my go-to pizza because it was thin crust -- the trouble was finding a topping selection that both the BF and I would eat (he's a lot pickier than I).

      DiGiorno was never worth the points for their pizza until they came out with this new line. I'll gladly trade up 9 points plus for 1/4 of the pie. Especially because I am a crust girl and this has some nice crust!