Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt NonFat Blueberry

Greek yogurt has undoubtedly become my one and only favorite type of yogurt. That sometimes is quite surprising to me because when I first introduced myself to greek yogurt I was not a fan. Not even by a long shot. But I decided to try a few different flavors and different brands and with that I began to find flavors and brands I preferred more.

So, in my quest to try the various Trader Joe yogurts, I picked up a container of Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt NonFat Blueberry and I am glad I did. It’s a moderately thick yogurt and it’s not tart, but rather flavorful. The blueberry flavor is prominent, moderately sweet and just a perfect snack/meal. I sometimes find getting a blueberry greek yogurt that isn’t mild in flavor and/or straight up tart can be difficult. Knowing that I enjoy this, makes me happy because it’s a back-up for another blueberry greek yogurt I tend to enjoy.

A container is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.

What is your favorite greek yogurt?

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