Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trader Joe’s Moist Chewy Coconut BonBons

On my last Trader Joe’s haul I finally picked up these Coconut BonBons I had seem them the last few times I went shopping and kept saying “You don’t need those.”  Well, since I figured I wouldn’t be hitting up Trader Joe’s for a few weeks I’d pick them up, putt hem in the closet and snack on them (and share of course) with whoever may like one.

Firstly, I will say if you have ever seen Married with Children, these would be Peg Bundy’s ultimate dream (incase you are not aware Peg Bundy was a bonbon aficionado).  Since I love coconut anything, I knew these had to be a dream waiting to happen and I was right.  The center reminds me of a gooey coconut macaroon.  The one thing I didn’t think was a homerun for me was the fact that these are coated in dark chocolate.  I admit I didn’t look at the ingredients to see it stated dark chocolate, but by looking at them in the container I assumed (incorrectly) that these were milk chocolate.  A milk chocolate variety would undoubtedly make these a smash hit for me!

Weight Watchers Points Plus wise a serving (2 pieces) is4 points plus, but 1 piece would be 2 points plus.

What is your favorite Trader Joe’s snack?

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