Friday, April 19, 2013

Surf & Turf Dinner

My boyfriend and I had dinner with our mothers a few weeks ago.  Since he and I are not very big seafood fans (I occasionally dabble into fried fish or my moms baked stuff shrimp and he only eats steamers).  So it was going to be a steak tip dinner because who doesn’t love steak tips?

My mom volunteered to make her baked stuffed shrimp since my boyfriends mom had never had it and had heart how good it was.  The dinner was eventually a collaborative effort - my boyfriend making the steak tips, myself making all the veggies and sides and my mother making the baked stuffed shrimp.

The steak was seasoned with a concoction of different things – McCormick’s Steak Seasoning, Worcheshire Sauce, Garlic powder, Black pepper, a splash of teriyaki sauce, a pinch of BBQ sauce.  We love experimenting with flavors and they tasted amazing.   Before cooking the steak my boyfriend grilled up the onions so they were nice and sweet, he added them to the raw steak and let all the flavors marinate while they broiled in the oven for about 10 or so minutes.

The shrimp of course is my moms recipe and since she doesn’t measure I could never tell you exactly what’s in it.  But this particular batch was amazing and I ate a fair share of it!

I made baked potato, canned corn (yes, I cheated lol),tossed salad and steamed brussel sprouts. Definitely a fabulous meal!

13 points plus for all pictured -- 5 for the steak, 3 - potato, 1 - salad dressing, 4 - shrimp.

What is your favorite family dinner?

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