Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trader Joe's Mini Beef Taco's

I have seen the Trader Joe's Mini Beef Taco's time and time again while shopping at my local Trader Joe's. I love taco's (I don't believe I know a person who doesn't) so I felt ... who couldn't love mini tacos?! I thought they'd be a great appetizer whenever guests were over or even as a meal paired with a salad and perhaps another protein.
After not having a clear idea of what to have for dinner one night I decided to pull these out of the freezer to whip up as a quick and easy dinner for a few folks. I sprayed non-stick cooking spray on a baking sheet, layered on the frozen tacos, gave them a light spritz of cooking spray and popped them into the oven per packaging directions.
Taking them out of the oven, I found the taco shells them self were crispy but not overly. The filling was hot ... and they kind of reminded me of taco (that's not to healthy) at a local fast food restaurant. Tasting them they're pretty good ... they're filled with what looks like a shredded beef mixture which has that classic taco flavor but not being spicy or bland. The taco shells provide a bit of a crunch while still maintaining a chewy quality.
They're good on their own while I also enjoyed them alongside a chopped salad with a side of salsa. They're a fun little finger food which tasty. I wouldn't say these would fill you up, but if you have decent and filling sides with them you should be good to go.
A serving, 4 mini tacos, is 190 calories or 5 points plus values.

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