Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sloppy Joe Casserole

One afternoon I was in the mood for sloppy joe's but I wanted them in a different fashion. I wasn't really feeling the whole sloppy joe sandwich deal. Since I've recreated a few Emily Bites recipes, I decided to take a page out of that book and roll with my own twist. Why not make a Sloppy Joe Casserole?
I whipped up the dish and put it into the oven to finish off and it came out absolutely perfect. It was filling, deliciously flavored and was such a unique way to have a sloppy joe. Everyone loved it and thought it was an ingenious idea to have a new and different twist on a sloppy joe sandwich. Plus with anything that is easily able to cut into serving size portions is a win-win for me.
Serves 6. 8 Points Plus Values.
* 1 1/8 lb 93% lean ground turkey
* 8 oz fresh mushrooms, chopped
* 1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 7.5 oz can, refrigerated, classic biscuits, cut into quarters (I used Aldi brand)
* 2 oz low fat shredded mozzarella (I used Trader Joe's brand)
* 1 can Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce 
* 1 tbsp hamburger seasoning (optional - I use McCormick brand)
Spray a saute pan with non-stick cooking spray and heat pan over medium-high heat. Add in onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and lean ground turkey - breaking up ground turkey with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle turkey with hamburger seasoning.  Cook meat and vegetable mixture until cooked through and meat is no longer pink.
Top meat mixture with can of Manwich, stir to combine. Add in chopped refrigerated biscuits and stir to combine.
Transfer sloppy joe mixture to a large baking dish (which has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray). Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven, top with mozzarella cheese and place pan back into the oven to bake for another 10-15 minutes until the cheese is melted and slightly browned.
Cut into 6 equal pieces and serve.


  1. This is a really good and easy recipe. My husband loves sloppy joes and I was concerned that he wouldn't like this style without all the "sloppy buns". To my surprise, he not only really enjoyed it, but said that he now actually prefers it this way. Great recipe! Thanks