Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chicken Barb Sandwich

I live in an area where the Chicken Barb Sandwich was born. Chicken barbs are known universally throughout my area and the cities surrounding it. When someone who is not from my area hears of the sandwich they assume it means chicken with barbecue sauce … but that is not it.

Here’s a little history … chicken barbs were “developed” in Lawrence, Massachusetts. If you get it from a restaurant/diner the chicken is cooked in a pressure cooker which was cooked in a seasoned water.  The sandwich is constructed on a bun and has lettuce, mayonnaise, shredded chicken and lettuce leaves on it.  When I make these at home I boil my chicken (which I’ve seasoned with poultry seasoning) and boiled off in a covered pot with chicken stock. Since I make them at home I tailor them to my liking – by adding some tomato to it and seasoning it with a little extra black pepper and a dash of salt.

It’s a delicious, simple yet filling sandwich and it’s so unique that I love it.  The entire sandwich was only 9 points plus.

What is one of your favorite foods that have been ‘invented” in your area?


  1. I grew up in Lawrence, my parents were friends with Joe Giles (the original chicken barb) from Joes Bungelow in South Lawrence. You are right its a sandwich like no other. Only thing is there was Never a tomato on the sandwich. If you are craving this sandwich, I know that Norms White Horse in Methuen does a good job of making the original version.

  2. chicken barb invented by Margraffs in Mehtuen in 1930's tally ho and white horse way before Joe stole it