Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trader Joe’s Traditional Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of those comfort foods … it’s a dish, that at least when I think of it, it makes me think of home, mom cooking in the kitchen, etc.  I’ve learned over time that I’m a bit of a meatloaf snob, because no two people make meatloaf the same. I’m fond of the meatloaf I grew up eating, as well as a Weight Watchers miniature variation that I’ve recreated time and time again and find it equally enjoyable every time. So needless to say, I have seen the Trader Joe’s Traditional Meatloaf in the refrigerated meals section of Trader Joe’s numerous times but always skipped on it … until my last trip there.

Admittedly the thing that kept me from purchasing it was the “in a classic tomato sauce” description. I’ve never been a fan of meatloaves with a tomato sauce over them … but I do like meatloaf that has ketchup over the top. I scanned the ingredients section on the label and was pleased when I saw the word “ketchup” and put the meal into my shopping cart. I had it in the refrigerator for a couple days and heated it up one day for a quick lunch.  I have to say … this meatloaf is “money”, meaning it’s absolutely delicious! It truly reminds me of the miniature meatloaf recipe I recreate.  The sauce is a sweet and tangy mix which is very complimentary to the meatloaf itself. The meatloaf is meaty but not heavy and a perfect quick meal.

I served this alongside some mashed potatoes and fresh steamed carrot sticks. I merely served this up asking if anyone wanted meatloaf. The general consensus after eating was “that was really good!” and “did you make that?” After letting the cat out of the bag that it was actually a Trader Joe’s refrigerated meal it as noted that we should most definitely pick that up again … and on my Trader Joe’s list it went!  Without further ado I highly recommend this if you’re a meatloaf lover.

A 5 ounce serving is 280 calories or 7 points plus values.


  1. Thanks for the tip I will look for this at Trader Joes. I am a meatloaf fan ;)

  2. I bought it for the first time the other day and I am glad I did! It is delicious! I will continue buying it. It does have some 'hot' taste to it, although not too much. I'm sure it's the cayenne chili pepper. It's also somewhat greasy, but not bad, and IMO makes it so much more 'home-cooked' delicious. :) I love the combination of ingredients as well. I have had two meatloaf sandwiches which were so good! Here's a tip: Since I knew I was going to make a couple meals and re-heating, to avoid it drying out, I draped a wet paper towel over meatloaf overnight in fridge, then re-wet again before re-heating in microwave. It kept moist.

  3. Googled for reviews for this and came across your blog... just wanted to tell you HOW GREAT you look! As someone who lost 85+ lbs myself, I know how tough it can be. You look beautiful.