Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quest Bar Cookies & Cream

Well over a year ago I was introduced to Quest Bars. While trying different flavors I found there were some that I enjoyed and others that I was not a fan of. But that’s typically how it is when trying something new. Since I happen to be a huge fan of Oreo cookies I decided I had to give the Quest Bar Cookies & Cream a try.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quest Bars they are protein bars which are pretty low in calories in comparison to other protein bars on the market. They’re also low in carbs, high in fiber, high in protein, there’s no sugar added and they are gluten free.  They are available for purchase through select online retailers while they are also sold (individually and in case packages) at fitness shops such as GNC and select vitamin/nutrition shops.  You can search Quest Bar retailers in your area on the brands website: www.questproteinbar.com/

The cookies & cream bar has more of a cream taste to it (think the filling of an Oreo). But there are plenty of cookie bits and chunks running throughout the bar.  It’s definitely a healthy take on an indulgent treat. The great thing about Quest Bars is they can be eaten straight out of the packaging; they can also be eaten warmed in the microwave or baked for a few minutes in an oven. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite Quest Bars to date that I have tried. They don’t have an aftertaste, they don’t have a weird texture … they’re just “money”.

The only downside? They can be pretty hard to find since they are one of the newer launches to the brand.

This particular bar is 180 calories or 5 points plus values.


  1. I ordered samples from the site! I want to purchase them but I am having a REALLY hard time justifying the cost! Can't wait to try them though :)

    1. I definitely suggest everyone to try them before ordering a case. I actually went out on a limb and bought a whole case at GNC because the guy working the store kept saying how they're delicious, yada, yada. I realize every Quest Bar taste differently and isn't for everyone so I had high hopes and thankfully these smashed them and were a home run. I hope you enjoy!!