Saturday, March 8, 2014

Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache

Skinny Cow is one of my favorite ice cream brands on the market. Why? Well, they make decadent desserts which are healthier for you, taste great and don’t leave you feeling like you’ve been ripped off.  Needless to say when I spotted the Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache at my local Target, I had to pick up a box.

The fact these ice creams have a chocolate ice cream cone were a winning factor for me. Admittedly mint ice cream isn’t one of my absolute favorites but it was a twist.  The vanilla portion of the cone I find to be on the border of too minty, whereas the chocolate portion is a perfect blend of mint and chocolate. Not overwhelming, perfectly delicious on the palette. The only downside is the description lists “ganache” but there’s only a little dollop of ganache at the very top of the ice cream cone. Once that’s eaten … there is no more magically delicious ganache. There is no ganache in the bottom of the cone … which I have to admit is a bit disheartening because the ganache is the flavor you’d like to be left with when all is said and done.

Overall they’re a pretty decent ice cream cone … but if you’re not a fan of mint (even the slightest), you won’t be a fan of these.

Each cone is 160 calories or 4 points plus values.

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