Sunday, March 16, 2014

Garden Lites Loaded Potato Souffle

As I’ve been allowing myself to get more comfortable with the Garden Lites brand I decided to reach out of my “comfort zone” and try a new meal. Years back I found I wasn’t a fan of some of the classic soufflés, but the Garden Lites Loaded Potato Souffle sounded different and delicious, so I picked it up.

The description “a delicious soufflé of potato, broccoli & fresh chives topped with cheddar cheese sauce” and picture on the box held my hopes high that it would be a delicious dish. I decided to have it the other day, yet sadly my hopes were smashed after two bites. Now, I’m a big onion fan and I usually only have chives on my potatoes when going out and the potato is offered with chives on it. But I found the soufflé itself smelled like grated onion and tasted just as such yet with a mild broccoli flavor in the background. There wasn’t a potato or cheddar flavor there because the chive/onion flavor was certainly overpowering and sold the show – yet not in a delicious way. I was so overwhelmed by the flavor I actually threw the dish away because I couldn't fathom forcing it down - because if I find something isn't worth it, it certainly isn't worth it.

Each dish is 200 calories or 5 points plus values.

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