Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lunch @ Pizzeria Regina's

I had an appointment around Boston and since I got there a little early, I decided to stop for lunch since I knew it would be a while before I was able to eat. I wasn't really sure of where any restaurants might be, but on the way over an overpass I could see a standing Pizzeria Regina's restaurant ... so I pulled into the parking lot and headed inside.
Glancing over the menu nothing really called out to me. I knew since I was in a pizza shop (one of the best in Boston if I might say so myself) I knew I wanted a slice of pizza. But the only downside was ... I could not find slices mentioned anywhere on the dine-in menu. When the waitress came over to take drink orders, I asked if I could order a slice of pizza and low-and-behold I could! Score!
I knew having a single slice of pizza wouldn't satisfy me until dinner time, I opted to order a entree side salad to share with my mother who came along with me to my appointment. The house salad sounded good ... but what was brought to the table looked like a work of art. All the vegetables were cut up perfectly and a fork dipped in salad dressing was all I needed because the toppings were so flavorful.  The house salad came with mixed greens topped with cherry tomatoes, carrot slivers, red onion rings, pepperoncini peppers, black olives, marinated chick peas, baby spinach and croutons (which I asked to be served on the side).
Salad with a slice of cheese pizza was the perfect lunch - which was satisfying and filling.

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