Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chocolate Covered Swedish Fish

I took a trip to Maine this past weekend and since I was with my niece we popped into one of the candy stores in Kittery, Yummies. It's floor to ceiling candy and all kinds - old school, new school and unique finds that one may have never known existed.
One of those things I never knew existed were Chocolate Covered Swedish Fish. Now, I LOVE swedish fish ... there's something about that chewy, cherry flavored fish that I've always enjoyed. They're also available in lemon and lime flavor. But when I saw them covered in chocolate I had my doubts. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around how it would taste. But deciding to give it a shot ... I picked it up.
These particular ones are the cherry flavored fish which are coated in a smooth layer of milk chocolate. The cherry flavor mixed with the chocolate tastes along the lines of a chocolate covered cherry. The flavors mixed together are out of this world deliciousness. For something that I thought would be gross to try turned out to be a fabulous treat. So fabulous in fact this is going to be one of the treats I make for Christmas to hand out to friends and family!
For those Weight Watchers folks - I don't know the points on these, but once I do make them I'll figure out points/servings/etc.

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