Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stouffer's Mac Cups - Cheeseburger Mac

Mac and cheese is one of those dishes that I just absolutely love. It's versatile, it's different and not many people make it the same way (even the boxed stuff). I admit I haven't been one of the biggest fans of frozen macaroni and cheese because I can find it to be bland. But I decided to live on the edge and give the Stouffers's Mac Cups - Cheeseburger Mac a shot when I spotted them in Wal-Mart.
What I liked the most was that the dish is packaged in individual microwaveable serving cups.  Each box comes with two cups and if I recall correctly, it was under $3. The box describes the dish as a "macaroni & ground beef in a tangy, 100% real cheddar cheese sauce."  I figured the burger in the mac and cheese would make it a little different ... even an ode to Hamburger Helper.
I popped mine in the microwave and let it cook as directed, when done I stirred it up and found that it was very creamy. Flavorwise it was okay, nothing fabulously amazing about it. The hamburger bits were tiny little granuals that weren't all that great. It was cheesy but lacked flavor (I added a little black pepper to it and it helped a bit). It certainly wasn't my favorite mac and cheese (which if you're wondering is Trader Joe's Low Fat Macaroni and Cheese). Overall - it was alright ... but I think if I'd venture into trying them I'd give the original a shot.
A cup is a serving, which is 230 calories or 6 points plus values.

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