Friday, February 13, 2015

Nonni's THINaddictives Blueberry Oat Almond Thins

Biscotti's are a cookie that I've loved since childhood. My mother and aunt would have them often with coffee so of course if you see those you love/idolize eating something you're prone to trying it. Of course my favorite are hard on the outside but softer/chewier in the middle (this type is from a local Italian bakery).
Of course I don't quite love super hard biscotti type cookies, but I can put up with a little crunch. The almond thins are generously filled with bits of almond, chewy blueberry bits and specks of oats. The blueberry pieces give the snack a chewy quality, while the almonds provide crunch with ample softness. They have a very mild flavor, which is very much blueberry almond, which is enjoyable.

I do enjoy these straight out of the package alongside a beverage (tea, coffee or even a cup of water). These would also be good accompanying some Greek yogurt and fruit ... a take on a yogurt parfait, where the almond thin is crumbled up and used as the granola in the dish.

A packet (which provides 3 thins) is 100 calories or 2 points plus values.

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