Monday, February 2, 2015

Kellogg's Special K Brownies - Heavenly Caramel

When I spotted the Kellogg's Special K Brownies - Heavenly Caramel in the grocery store I didn't hesitate to pick up a box. I checked over the nutrition label and popped the box into my cart. On the contrary I wish I actually read the box because I would have had somewhat of an idea regarding the size of the brownies.
Taking a package out of the box, my thought immediately went to "are you for real?"  The key piece of information on the box that I missed is the fact that there were 7 brownies in the box.  Seven ... and the box isn't all that big! The individually packaged brownies are SO small ... more along the lines of a small York peppermint patty. Taking the brownie out of the packaging, they're small little thin squares which have a drizzle of chocolate over them with little caramel chips running throughout the brownie batter.
Taste wise, they're good, they give you that bit of chocolate while not truly noticing the caramel flavoring. But the fact that they're so small makes them slightly unappealing. Ideally Fiber One brownies are larger than these (roughly by 2/3's the size). Granted these aren't a loaded with fiber brownie so it won't upset any tummies. But they are small and may not necessarily cure the brownie hunger.
Overall, they're not bad ... but for the sheer size alone, I'd probably take my snacking to another route for an extra few calories/points plus values.
A serving is 80 calories or 2 points plus values.

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