Friday, February 27, 2015

Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Lemonade

Fruit flavored lemonades are one of my favorite drinks. Admittedly, I don't have them very often because it's relatively difficult to find a diet or sugar free version in the stores. So when I accidentally stumbled upon the Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Lemonade while picking up some cranberry juice, I was psyched.
The juice itself is perfect. It's tangy (that classic lemonade tang, with a twist from the cranberry flavor). It's not a drink to leave your face puckered, because it does have a subtle sweetness to it. The two flavors balance one another off well and compliment each other. It's refreshing and a nice little beverage to have on hand to offer something different to the palate. This will undoubtedly be a beverage I have around for the summer months where all one wants is a nice, cold glass of lemonade. It'll allow me to be able to enjoy a lemonade beverage with friends/family without having guilt about how much sugar/calories are in your everyday average lemonade.

A serving, 1 cup, is 5 calories or 0 points plus values.

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