Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weight Watchers Greek Yogurt & Honey Smoothie

Back when Weight Watchers launched their new smoothie I waited a few weeks before picking it up. Why? Well, I had an inkling they were going to be going on sale … and they did. So after my meeting the new Weight Watchers Greek Yogurt & Honey Smoothie came home with me.

Initially I took a package with me on vacation. The house I stayed in didn’t have a blender … so I went ahead and just mixed the package up with some water, and mixed it up as best I could in a glass. When all appeared incorporated I added in some ice. Flavor wise these are really good! It really does taste JUST like honey flavored Greek yogurt but it’s not as bitter as the traditional dairy. I find this is creamier in consistency than some of the other smoothies available in store.

What I will say is … this is, in my opinion, one of those smoothie mixes that you have to throw in a blender with some ice. Otherwise I found there are some chunky bits of powder in there that turn goopy and don’t quite combine. It was too goopy for me to enjoy this way (texture issues) but it is amazing blended up with some ice.

Each smoothie is 100 calories or 2 points plus values.  They’re available for purchase at Weight Watchers locations.

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