Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Citrus Blend

I have created a "strong bond" between myself and Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. So much that whenever I see a new flavor pop up on grocery store shelves, I have to give it a try ... even if the flavor is one that I may be slightly hesitant on. And then in walked ... Dannon Light & Fit Greek Citrus Blend yogurt.

I've tried key lime, orange and lemon Greek yogurts and have been pleasantly surprised. Granted, some of the flavors may not be my "holy grail" Greek yogurts but they're a nice switch up on the palette. So how bad could a citrus blend be? I was anticipating something between the lines of a slightly sweet key lime and a mildly sour lemon. What I ended up with was a complete ballpark away from what I imagined in my mind.

This yogurt is SO incredibly sour; my jaw was tightening as I was trying to eat it. It made my face pucker and I physically shuddered a time or two. It's sour ... and not a Greek yogurt tart, like chewing on a few lemons and limes sour. I enjoy a tart lemon beverage or dessert from time to time ... but I do have my limits on what is enjoyable and what is just painful. And this definitely ends up in the just painful category.

I disliked these so much the yogurt I was eating PLUS the 3 that were not open yet all found a new home in the garbage pale.  I'm not one who necessarily likes to waste food ... but I'm also not one to make people a guinea pig either. I find when you start a sentence off with "I didn't like these, perhaps you will..." makes people think you're secretly trying to poison them.

If you're brave, each container is 80 calories or 2 points plus values. As of now these are limited edition and only available at Target locations.


  1. I wish we knew each other! You could have given those to me! I found the Citrus Blend at our local Giant, and my husband and I both adore it! One of our favourite flavours ever! Please save it for me! ;-)

  2. Yes, I agree. I LOVED this flavor as well and did not find it to be sour one bit

  3. Best flavor ever!! I've introduced it to friends at work and we never seem to be able to find enough to go around!