Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trader Joe’s The Bagel Spinoza High Fiber Multigrain Bagels

I’ve always been a fan of bagels, but outside of every once in a while I try to stay away from them for the most part. I do partake in having bagel thins once in a while, but I find regular bagels are too high in points and not as filling to be considered “worth it”. That is until I heard about bagels sold at Trader Joe’s that were full-sized “regular” bagels but were nearly half the points. Those bagels are the Trader Joe’s The Bagel Spinoza High Fiber Multigrain Bagels.

At first I was a little skeptical. I was thinking … a regular, full-size bagel that’s not a quarter of the size, filling and not 8-10 points? The bagels are soft and fresh … so I grabbed a bag and brought them home. They’re not split, so after a quick slice with a knife, they toast up perfectly.

These are multigrain bagels, so they have that classic multigrain flavor. If you’re expecting these to be boldly flavorful, then you’re going to be disappointed … but you can dress these up any which way you please. I’ve enjoyed them with spray butter, with cream cheese topped with fruit preserve but my absolute favorite way has to be as a sandwich. My go-to sandwich for a few days was tomato, spicy brown mustard, crushed red hot peppers and krakus polish ham. The bagels are so filling, that even topped with just 2 ounces of deli meat it was filling and satisfying enough to serve as a dinner.

I will say, as with all breads at Trader Joe’s, if you’re not going to eat these quickly I’d highly suggest putting them in the freezer and defrosting a bagel before you’d like to have one. Otherwise, these will spoil quickly … for the most part the bagels will go bad on the date printed on the bag. From what I’ve seen with bread products at Trader Joe’s brand new packs of bread have a 5-7 day shelf life before spoiling.

Each bagel is 210 calories or 5 points plus values.

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