Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

If you’re a Chinese dumpling fan, then you will understand the love for those delicious filled, flavorful dumplings! Since I enjoy the dish itself I’m always on the lookout for a version that is available in my grocery store freezer. After trying a number of different brands, I decided to give the dumplings available at Trader Joe’s a shot. Out of the 3 flavors available I opted to go with the Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers.

The potstickers are frozen and are recommended to be fried on all sides with a little bit of olive oil. Once seared it’s the directions to call to add a bit of water to the pan then cover to steam through. I found quickly (as I tried to eliminate the olive oil and just use non-stick cooking spray) that a bit of olive oil is necessary. The dough on the dumplings is quite thin and if there isn’t enough of an oil coating on the pan it will stick a bit and the dough itself will tear.

Overall the dumplings are delicious. Each dumpling is filled with a chicken and vegetable mix which is quite flavorful, even without the use of a gyoza dipping sauce.  The dumplings have a slightly crisp outside due to the frying but the inside is soft and moist.  I’d go out on the line and say these are one of THE best frozen potstickers I have tried. I will undoubtedly be picking up another package to tuck away in the freezer for future meals.

A serving is 7 potstickers, which is 200 calories or 5 points plus values.


  1. I make soup with these. Simmer in broth with Asian veggies, (use a pack of fresh prepared stir fry veggies to make it extra quick and easy).

    1. That's a good idea! Better than a wonton!

  2. What is your source for the Weight Watcher's 7 point count, please? Thank you