Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trader Joe's S'Mores Frozen Sandwiches

I'm a frequent shopper of Trader Joe's ... and there are many products I see from time to time but have passed up for one reason or another. Evidently I had a very soft spot in my heart this past weekend because I finally picked up a box of the Trader Joe's S'Mores Frozen Sandwiches.

What sold me on these ice cream sandwiches was not only the picture on the box, but the description: "Graham crackers with marshmallow-chocolate swirl gelato & milk chocolate flakes." Heaven! S'mores are one the most genius desserts known to man (and so simple!) … plus ice cream always finds a way into my heart from time to time.  Ideally a combination of the two, I felt would be a match to write books about.

I took a sandwich out of the freezer for dessert one day and passed a sandwich around to everyone who wanted one. Unfortunately ... these just didn't do anything for me.  The marshmallow flavor wasn't really there for me. The chocolate was, in every bite, and the graham cracker was slightly there ... but this just didn't scream "s'mores" to me.  It was evident it was gelato as it wasn’t isn’t as hard as traditional ice cream … but it was just a bit of a miss and not worth the calories/points associated with them.  The general consensus around these throughout the house was that they're alright ... but nothing to brag about. Personally, I find Skinny Cow's are tastier than these.  I wasn't a fan ... and I certainly won't be repurchasing these.

Each ice cream sandwich is 250 calories or 7 points plus values.

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