Monday, May 5, 2014

Haul: Weighted Hula Hoop Haul

A few months ago I was sitting in my Weight Watchers meeting and we were talking about activities we enjoy that’ll help us get up and move more. Someone had mentioned she really enjoys doing circuits with her weighted hula hoop. Initially I was like “weighted hula hoop?” My leader was saying how she loved it as an activity because it really gets you moving and you get quite a workout without even truly realizing it.

I was hesitant at first because I know I’m not a good hula hooper. I have zero rhythm particularly because I have 2 left feet and I dance to the beat of a broken rusty drum. I looked them up online and found they were a bit pricey but decided if I bumped it into at my local Target or Wal-Mart I’d check them out and possibly pick them up – especially since it’s supposed to be good for your core and toning. A few months after that thought I was meandering around Marshall’s and I stumbled upon a weighted hula hoop in their clearance department (I later found it was the only one left in the entire store – even not on clearance). Pulling up weighted hula hoops in a quick Google search I found the price of the hoop was far less than any of the other ones available online and/or in any local stores.

The hoop itself is 2 pounds and it’s got some nice padding to it, to potentially avoid “bruising” that may happen from continuous hooping.  The weather hasn’t been the greatest but once it starts to get nicer out (potentially this week since I just got home from vacation) I’ll give this a shot outside.

Have any of you tried a weighted hula hoop? If so, how do you like it?

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  1. Never heard of these either, but kinda curious to try, maybe.