Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trader Joe's Super Green Powder

Jumping on the green juice bandwagon I decided to pick up a container of the Trader Joe's Super Green Powder in an attempt give myself a little bit more of an antioxidant boost. I get in my share of fruits and vegetables daily, but I figured a little added boost wouldn't hurt.

The bottle says that a single scoop contains at least 8000 ORAC units (for example, a 3.5 oz serving of cherries has about 670 ORAC units and a 3.5 oz serving of broccoli has about 900 ORAC units). Quite a boost comparatively speaking. The container states to add a scoop to 1 cup of water, skim milk or juice. It can even be stirred or mixed in a blender for smoother consistency. It's also suggested to use the mix once daily to receive the health benefits.

On my first try I opted to go with 1 scoop into 1 cup of water. Immediately my water was transformed into a dark (but see thru) shade of green. It smelled faintly of berries, but not overwhelmingly so (say, in comparison to a Crystal Light packet). Upon first sip, I was surprised with how bland it tasted. It really tasted like nothing ... kind of like when someone adds a flavor packet of Kool-Aid into water (without any sugar added). It tastes like something, but tastes like nothing at the same time because there's no added sweetness.

Just because of that this isn't a supplement I'd suggest drinking plain in a glass of water or milk (unless you're into that flavor profile). I'd suggest mixing this into a smoothie for a little added boost that you're sneaking in. This way you're at least getting the nutrients without perhaps chugging a flavor profile you're not exceptionally excited about.
A serving, 1 scoop (10g), is 50 calories or 1 points plus values.

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