Monday, August 24, 2015

Trader Joe's Meatless Breakfast Patties

Every once in a while I like to try meatless products to switch things up a bit. I'm not anti-meat, but sometimes things get boring and need a little exciting different things thrown in the mix. With that, I opted to pick up a box of the Trader Joe's Meatless Breakfast Patties one afternoon and popped them in my freezer. I pulled them out the other day to have prepared for breakfasts for a few days.

For not being made of meat I have to say these breakfast patties are really quite good. Size comparison they're about roughly the same size as Morningstar Farms breakfast patties, whereas in comparison to your average round pork breakfast patty these are roughly larger than those. You can choose to heat these in a pan on the stove top or heat them in the microwave (cooking time varies based on the amount of patties cooking at once).  I personally opted for the microwave option because I was trying to move the food preparation process along a little faster.

Taste wise, these have the classic flavor notes of regular sausage patties. They're not greasy tasting or fatty flavored - they're just spiced quite well. Cutting into them, they appear to have the same texture as regular sausage. Flavor wise they're pretty tasty (spice wise), not bad at all. They are a little softer in texture (if you're comparing it to regular sausage) but they're no where near mushy. The outside has a decent crust on it, which leaves the insides relatively moist.

A single patty offers a gracious 7 grams of protein, which is pretty spectacular in my book.

A serving, 1 patty, is 80 calories or 2 points plus values.


  1. Replies
    1. I was told that they discontinued the breakfast patties. I almost cried. They taste EXACTLY like Jimmy Dean Breakfast Patties and the texture was identical. I dont know why they discontinued this product.

    2. What has been discontinued? I've seen the meatless breakfast patties at my local Trader Joe's when I stopped in this past week. Of course, I'm not sure if maybe my store just has some stock to go through?