Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillshire Snacking Grilled Chicken Bites - Honey Mustard

Browsing the aisles of my local grocery store I stumbled upon some packaged protein snacks that caught my attention. What really caught my attention was the variety of flavors available in the line. With that I opted to try the Hillshire Snacking Grilled Chicken Bites - Honey Mustard.

I found these little gems stocked in the area where the Lunchables and other "kid friendly" meals/snacks would be. These are packaged similar to the Lunchables protein packs where there's a little spot for the container of dipping sauce and the chicken is served in the tray alongside it. One of the bonuses with these is that they can be consumed either cold or warmed in the microwave for 15 seconds.

One might be thinking if you wanted protein why not cook a piece of chicken and take it with you? Sure, that was one of my thoughts but ideally sometimes one needs a grab and go type of snack and protein is one of those staple items that is guaranteed to curb my appetite. I brought this to work with me, stashed it in the refrigerator and one day where I was feeling snacky I took it out, popped it in the microwave (I removed the sauce first) and found it was satisfying.

The chicken isn't the best chicken I've ever had, but it's decent for what you're getting. It's smooth, white meat chicken - perhaps slightly processed feeling, but far better than deli ham/turkey cubes. The honey mustard sauce was a perfect addition to the chicken, providing flavor without being overwhelming. The sauce container is smaller, but it was truly was more than enough for the 3 ounces of chicken in the container. I was able to get a good dip of each piece of chicken without running out of sauce before I ran out of chicken. Overall, I found it to be pretty satisfactory for a grab-and-go type of deal.

The flavor varieties my store carried were as follows: honey mustard, teriyaki, mango habanero and spicy chipolte BBQ.

A serving, 1 package, is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.

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