Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lemon Twist Oreo's

One evening at a local grocery store, I stumbled across Lemon Twist Oreo's. I was on the fence as to if I wanted to try them because I had tried the Lemon Golden Oreo's and completely loved them ... but I was more concerned about the chocolate cookies hell mixing with a lemon cream center.

Let me say this ... don't let contemplating mixing lemon and chocolate together stop you because this isn't a horrendous experience!

Fortunately any concern I had was short lived because these are quite good. I'd coin these as the chocolate daddy to the lemon Oreo. There is certainly a lemon flavor to these, but it's very light and rather refreshing. The chocolate cookie itself helps cut back at the lemony zip making it a unique and refreshing flavor category. The lemon pop isn't as in-your-face as it is with the Golden Lemon Oreo's, but these certainly stand on their own.

Overall, I'd say these are pretty fabulous and worth the shot.

A serving, 2 cookies, is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

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