Monday, August 17, 2015

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Chocolate on Top - Banana

When I first heard Dannon launched a brand of Light & Fit Greek yogurt with chocolate on top I made it a priority to track them down. Dannon Light & Fit is my #1 favorite brand of Greek yogurt. So when I finally spotted the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Chocolate on Top - Banana at a local grocery store, I didn't even think twice before adding it into my grocery cart.

The yogurt is your classic, thick banana flavored Greek yogurt, which has a layer of runny chocolate over the top. Initially in my mind I thought the chocolate would be more along the lines of a ganache or even like a slightly thicker version of chocolate (like a sundae sauce).

Upon first bite, I really wasn't impressed and upon second bite I wasn't a huge fan. The chocolate completely overwhelms the flavor of the yogurt. The chocolate syrup reminds me of sugar free chocolate syrup that you'd mix with milk. The chocolate is bitter, not sweet and overpowering. I really couldn't taste the flavor of the yogurt at all when eating it together. I truly didn't enjoy it, which is saddening since I typically am a huge fan of anything Dannon pulls out of their magic hat.

Each serving is 100 calories or 3 points plus values.


  1. Thanks for the review. Now I'm not sad we don't have these here!

  2. I love the Vanilla and Strawberry with Chocolate on Top. Must mix chocolate in well with yogurt for best taste. I sometimes add a small bit of "Fiber One" cereal to it for the crunch and additional sweetness. Not Birthday cake, but satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt!