Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fruit Dips - Just Ripe Banana

I have seen the Fruit Dips - Just Ripe Banana over and over again at my local grocery store but had yet to pick them up until I was in the mood for something along the lines of ice cream. I'm a banana dessert junkie so I decided I just had to give these a shot. Particularly after my coworker turned me onto frozen banana slices topped with nutella (sorry for that tidbit).

The box describes the frozen dessert as a "premium frozen fruit bars dipped in rich chocolate coating." They're smaller in size, but big enough to be satisfying and satisfy that sweet tooth. The bar itself is made of mashed up frozen bananas which are frozen to a stick. It's then coated in a thin layer of chocolate which help bring fourth the banana flavor and natural sweetness of the fruit. It's the right amount of sweetness to be a suitable dessert and satisfying enough when you want something cold to cool you down. I found it to be quite enjoyable - more so than the chocolate covered frozen bananas they sell in the grocery store and at local fairs.

These are sold in a number of different flavors. Just to name a few: strawberry, coconut, and they're also sold with a Greek yogurt topping instead of the chocolate.

A serving, 1 pop, is 92 calories or 2 points plus values.

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