Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chips Ahoy! Limited Edition Chocolate Banana

While at the grocery store I spotted a new cookie and decided to give it a try. The fact that it had banana in it, is truly what sold me ... so I welcomed a package of Chips Ahoy! Limited Edition Chocolate Banana cookies into my grocery cart with open arms.

Unfortunately the cookies didn't merely live up to the expectation built up in my head. I was expecting a strong robust banana flavor which was only intensified by the chocolate chips. But ... they were really a huge fail for me. The cookies themselves are along the lines of rather artificial banana flavor mixed in with your average Chips Ahoy! cookie. These are a crunchy cookie, like the standard Chips Ahoy! not the chewy variety. I truly wasn't a fan .. I had one cookie out of the whole package before "forcing" them upon my guests to try/eat/sample/take home.

Sadly these were a fail ... I guess if I really want a potentially delicious chocolate chip banana cookie I may have to just get adventurous in the kitchen.

A serving, 2 cookies, is 160 calories or 4 points plus values.

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