Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bigelow Thin Mints Herbal Tea

When I heard there were Girl Scout cookie flavored teas at my local Christmas Tree Shop I decided to make it my lunch time shopping trip. Browsing the store, I finally found the teas in the food section in a basket, buried amongst other teas. Excitedly I popped a box of the Bigelow Thin Mints Herbal Tea in my cart and headed to checkout after finishing up browsing.

I enjoy Thin Mints but admittedly, they're not my favorite Girl Scout cookie (Samoas girl!). But in the spirit of having treats that are guilt free I decided I had to give this a shot. I was so excited to try it, that I brought the tea into work and made myself an afternoon tea to help get me through the craziness that the afternoon brings.

After letting the tea steep I have to say ... this tea is absolutely amazing! One of the best "dessert" teas I have had. It's a dead ringer for thin mints ... minty, chocolatey and just fabulous. It's caffeine free, so for those who are sensitive to caffeine this would be right up your alley, especially if you're a Thin Mints fan. I added a package of artificial sweetener to cup to bring fourth a touch of sweetness and it was perfect. There are a few teas that I add milk to but this certainly wasn't one of them, the tea was perfect on its own.

As mentioned I found this at my local Christmas Tree Shop, but who's to say these won't be available at most major retailers soon?

The greatest part is these are guilt free ... 0 calories/0 points plus values.

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