Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Angie's Lemon Drop Flavored Kettle Corn

On an afternoon stroll through Target I popped through their Easter section to see what goodies had made it out onto the floor. I love checking out the Easter goodies because Easter is one of my favorite holidays for candy. Or in this case ... candy and treats. I adore Angie's popcorn so when I saw the Angie's Lemon Drop Flavored Kettle Corn I knew I had to give it a try. I'm a sucker for lemon desserts and the only thing I could think was lemon popcorn? YUMMO?!

Upon opening the package, a sweet lemon scent wafted out of the bag and it kind of brought me to a moment where I felt I was standing in my local Italian bakery ordering lemon tarts for dessert. It's a deliciously sweet lemon fragrance which only makes wanting to try the popcorn that much more exciting.

The popcorn itself is crisp, which is coated slightly in a sweet/salty kettle corn mixture. The popcorn is then drizzled with a lemon "chocolate" drizzle. It was sweet, salty, lemony and just delicious. Although I did find if you ate it a little fast, the lemon flavor dissipated and was more of a white chocolate flavoring. Just because of the change in flavor, I found myself eating the popcorn a lot slower to savor the lemon flavor instead of bypassing it all together.

A serving, roughly 1 1/4 cup (28g), is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

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