Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone! Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

Since I was such a fan of the vanilla version I of course had to give the Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone! Chocolate Ice Cream Cones a shot. Admittedly chocolate ice cream isn't my favorite, but sometimes I want a different flavor of something as a treat.

Hold the Cones are miniature ice cream cones which are great for when you want something small, sweet and refreshing but you don’t want whole lot of something. They’re perfect because they not only taste delicious but they’re also adorable and miniature. I find they give you the right amount of everything. A few bites of ice cream, a few bites of chocolate coating, and a few bites of a delicious crunchy yet chewy ice cream cone.

The ice cream itself is good quality chocolate ice cream. It's creamy, it's chocolaty but it's not overwhelming. The chocolate coating on the top of the ice cream balances well with the chocolate ice cream. The coating being a dark chocolate so the two pair perfectly without being overly sweet. They're a great treat which is guiltless.

A serving, 1 cone, is 70 calories or 2 points plus OR you can have 2 ice cream cones for 140 calories or 3 points plus.

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